About Us

Introduction to the company

Awlad Ragab was founded in 1970 as a wholesale trade institution in 127 El Nozha Street
In 1989, the company established its first branch in retail trade activity in Heliopolis area at 162 El Nozha Street
In 1995 the first Nasr City branch was established in 129 and 131 Mustafa El Nahas Street
In 2000, the first branch was established in Giza on 15 Murad Street
In the same year (2000), the General Wholesale Branch was established in Cairo via Ismailia on an area of ??36000 square meters
In March 2002, the Maadi branch was established at 6 Al-Laselki Street
In September 2002, the Merghani branch was established at 101 Al Merghani Street
In 2005 the branch of Sayeda Zeinab was established in 208 Port Said Street
In the same year (2005) the company started import activity under its own brand
2005 was the year of expansion and the company has 12 branches in Cairo
During 2006, 12 branches of the Ragab Boys series were added after the acquisition of the Shubraight Group
In 2014, Awlad Ragab Company acquired the group of branches of Al-Hamal to reach the total branches of more than 60 branches in most governorates (Cairo, Giza, Qalubia, Alexandria, Gharbia, Damietta, Dakahlia, Red Sea, South Sinai, Beni Suef, Assiut, Luxor)
The Rajab family currently exceeds 8000 employees and we consider them all as success partners within the system

Mission of the company

to provide the consumer needs through a wide variety of choices as well as competitive prices

taking into consideration the social and economic class of the target client segment through a policy of deliberate spread.

Company Vision

Awlad Ragab Company operates through vision and strategy aiming consumer satisfaction through a good market understanding and follows the latest technologies and their various applications. also Awlad Ragab is keen to provide employees with updated trainings in order to get a high rate of performance to comply with our commitment to consumer satisfaction and achieve the highest economic growth rate

The goals of the company

the company aims in the future to exploit the positive opportunities that exist in the market to achieve greater rates of growth, by working to pay policies that ensure increased loyalty to Awlad Ragab Group, attracting the largest segments of buyer

Quality policy

We are Awlad Ragab Company, an Egyptian company working in the field of foodstuffs since 1970. In the field of food products, it is one of the largest companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company owns 38 supermarkets in Greater Cairo, The company is engaged in wholesale retail business, and there is a group of trained workers and the accumulated experience of the staff is estimated at three thousand employees in all the specialties of the company.
The company undertakes the following:
* To the level of performance of the company to ensure the maximum quality of the service provided to win the trust and satisfaction of our customers.
* Development of plans and policies of the company taking into account the views and proposals of its employees and customers.
* Close cooperation with all parties Related to the company in order to achieve the objectives of the company.
* Compliance with laws and legislation The company focuses on training to ensure the development of performance and the provision of a better service.
* Working on developing the branches permanently to continue to provide the company always commensurate with the needs and wishes of the customer.
Quality Assurance System Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Quality Assurance ; The annual audits of measurable quality objectives and the achievement of these objectives are carried out through the quality management system. Compliant with & nbsp; International Standard & nbsp; ISO 9001/2008 & nbsp; Efficiently and skillfully as well as working hard for the continuous improvement and improvement of the quality management system