Awlad Ragab

Health - What do you know about apples

The health of our customers is our top priority , So we seek to criticize them for the best service and information . Today we talk about the benefits of apples : Apple was discovered in 300 BC , Apple contains calories, fiber, sugar and proteins , Here are examples of apple benefits : Contains vitamin A , And vitamin B1, B2, B5 and B6 And Niacin B3 , And vitamin B9 and E . Apples benefits Benefits of apple skin : Apple contains vitamin A, which works to lighten the skin and purify of the spots that distort the face , The apple is very useful for skin moisturizing and anti-wrinkle . Hair health: Contains protein that promotes hair growth and triggers stronger , It has the ability to treat hair loss and treat dandruff . Benefits of apples for teeth: Eat an apple a day to protect your teeth from decay because of the strong control of the bacteria that affects the teeth , Apple also works to strengthen the gums . Apple also has an important role in fighting cancer Benefits of apple to the heart : Apple strengthens the heart muscle and helps it work properly , It also protects against atherosclerosis to prevent the leakage of cholesterol . Apple benefits for brain health : Researchers at Cornell University found that both apples Fresh and apple juice helps slow down cognitive problems associated with aging