Awlad Ragab

Who we are

Awlad Ragab is an Egyptian retail group, founded at 1970 and considered the oldest retail group in Egypt, working in the supermarket fields.

Awlad Ragab is the most widespread supermarket in Egypt covering 16 different cities. In the last 5 years Awlad Ragab group was among the top 3 sellers in Egypt.

Awlad Ragab currecntly consist of 5,000 employees and serves 1,000,000 customer each month.

Our story


Awlad Ragab was founded in 1970 as a wholesale trade institution in 127 El Nozha Street.


In 1989, the company established its first branch in retail trade activity in Heliopolis area at 162 El Nozha Street.



During 2006, the company acquired 12 branches from ShopRite group. This was the first step of AwladRagab’s acquisition and expansion strategy.


Before 2014, Awlad Ragab owned 43 branches in most of the Egyptian cities; sticking to our acquisition strategy, we have acquired one of the giants of the Egyptian’s market, Elmahmal group, to reach a total of 60 branches all over Egypt including (Cairo, Giza, Qalubia, Alexandria, Gharbia, Damietta, Dakahlia, Red Sea, South Sinai, BeniSuef, Assiut, Luxor).



Currently, we own 75 branches with the tendency to increase, aiming to cover all of Egypt, and to stick to our position and expansion strategy.


Our Goals

The company aims in the future to exploit the positive opportunities that exist in the market to achieve greater growth rate, by which we will be looking forward to cover more customers segments and to increase our customers’ loyalty.

We provide wide range of products to provide our customers withan openatmosphere of spending.


Our Vision

Awlad Ragab constantly aims to meet its customers’ expectation by which a trustworthy relationship with its customers would be tightened; in addition further expansion locally and internationally are always in high consideration.


Our Mission

We focus on satisfying customers’ needs and wants with competitive prices.

We are trying our best to change the customers’ shopping experience by expanding geographically not only in the main cities but also in the secondary cities in Egypt.

We seek to improve our customers’ experience by providing new marketing challenges connected by faster innovation.

Quality Policy

We are always seeking a top level of performance to ensure the maximum quality of the service provided and to win the trust and satisfaction of our customers.Constant development on quality plans and policies are always being made taking into account the views and proposals of our employees and customers.

Recently, we also started to focus on staying updated with the latest local and international markets trend so, the company focuses on training its staff to ensure the development of performance and the provision of a better service, in addition we are working on frequent renovation and development of the branches to sustain meeting the customers’ expectations through fulfilling their needs.

Quality Assurance; The annual audits of measurable quality objectives and the achievement of these objectives are carried out through the quality management system. International Standard ISO 9001/2008 is always being achieved efficiently and skillfully as well as constant reconsiderations in these standards are always being updated to increase our quality standards.