Awlad Ragab

Customer Service Survey

Question points
The department staff provides a knowledgeable and knowledgeable service of the products offered  
Department staff react positively and cooperatively when asking and inquiring about the product or service  
The payment of the account on the cashier is easy. "System / Match the required price with the advertised price"  
The processing of applications in the Fresh sections is done quickly through the organized display of the role.  
The level of cleanliness and arrangement in the refrigerators display products in the branch is distinct. 
Easy shopping section and areas suitable for mobility, easy access to products.  
No maintenance notes "Shopping carts - question screens, role - degree of air conditioning - other ..."  
The products offered are varied and there are no quality reviews.  
Products offered in the magazine are available in appropriate quantities at the time of the visit.  
I find the internal presentations in the sections of the different branch easily "internal offers other than the magazine offers."  
The steps for signing up for the Nqati program are easily done without a long waiting period for "multiple / appropriate data". 
There are no notes on transactions or procedures for redeeming points credits with purchase vouchers. 
I do not have any suggestions to add to my card and make it more distinctive ... in general.  
Better TV as an advertising medium than radio, presentation magazines, social networking sites, or others.  
When you hear the phrase Supermarket or Hypermarket, what is the first thing that comes to mind?