Awlad Ragab

My Points - Program Definition

Terms and Conditions

- Points are added to the Nikaty card balance after using and passing the card on the cashiers treasury in any of the RS Awlad Ragab (dependent to the terms and conditions).

- You can inquire about your points balance by calling Customer Service or Download Mobile Application " Awlad Ragab "

- Points can be redeemed starting from 2000 points and multiples after showing the Nikaty card and the ID and receiving the confirmation message to redeemed points on our mobile number registered on the program.

- Validity of the card for life.

- Points are not calculated in the case of discounts and other offers.

- The card does not pass points on wholesale operations.

- The card does not pass points on delivery.

- The points balance is 
redeemed to the registered customer only after making sure that the data is correct (name - phone number - proof of personality). If you wish to edit the data, this takes 24 hours.

- The redeemed shall be made after the customer has received the confirmation massage containing a secret code in order to preserve the balance of the points.

- The customer is signed on the points replacement form and receives the purchase voucher

- The voucher is distributed to the cashier within 24 hours of receipt.

- Points are not exchanged and gifts are received only through the person registered with Awlad Ragab.

- Awlad Ragab Company has the right to recover points deducted in the case of a refund for any previously purchased products and the customer must provide the points card to complete the recovery process.

- The Nikaty card is canceled if it is not used for one year.

- Awlad Ragab Company has the right to cancel the purchase voucher at any time in the event of any tampering.


1. What is Nqaty?

Nqati is a way to get points for most products every time you shop for Rajab Boys and collect them for later replacement with free vouchers and other gifts.

How can I become a member of the program?

As soon as you apply for a subscription from the customer service representative and pay the fees (10c) at any of our branches you get the same card number so that you can give one of the cards to a family member to help you collect points.

3. How can I earn points after joining Nqati?

When you make any purchase in our branches. You only have to show the membership card before calculating the products for Kashir to be beaten and shows you the number of points you got on the purchase invoice.

4. What is the validity of the card and the points?

Card validity for life, validity of points 12 months from the date of each purchase.

5. How can I know the combined score balance?

Please contact our customer service office at any of our branches, or by calling our Customer Complaints Office at 26715332 or download Awlad Ragab Mobile APP

6. How long does it take for time to appear on my account?

Points will appear on your account after 24 hours of purchase.

7. How do I redeem points?

Just visit any of our branches and tell the customer service representative in the branch that you would like to be replaced. You will have a credit card and a personal card. The voucher will be paid at the same time.

8. Can my family replace points instead?

Only the cardholder has the right to redeem his own points and no one else will.

9- Can I use the points if I use the delivery service?

No, customers can not benefit from the program.